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Merchant - script to automate the process of paying for a purchase on your site.
Its :
- Forms account - electronic text document which may indicate a variety of different settings, but there is (the most important), without which no transfer is possible.
- Helps send the invoiced amount on the seller's purse purse buyer.
- Controls the flow of payment, and indicates that it is necessary to start the process of sending goods.

Invoices - a task that solves script store. There can be many different parameters, but there are mandatory (among them: the final amount of the transaction, the seller's purse, wallet buyer, the time of the transaction).

Performance of the second paragraph is closely related to standardization data this phenomenon as Invoice order. Standardization of variables that are used for this. This is to ensure that any merchant would script can send data to any purse, and any purse could make a payment based on it.
This automation helps the buyer does not make a mistake in filling out the payment details, and do not send money wasted. But is potentially dangerous for spoofing.

The third item to the setting on the server daemon.
It allows you to control the parameters of the purse, and payments directly from your server. Ie This tool will help you completely control the entire payment process.
Another solution to this problem - to control the flow of payments through third-party services (,,, which track the transaction processing.
This simplifies the system (no need to adjust bitcoind on the server), but it becomes dependent on the operation of these systems. But the technical work, DDOS-attacks and hacks, which are often exposed to btc important sites in this case will also affect your work.

Exit here - use the Merchant multiple data sources to check the passage of payment. But this solution there is mainly theoretical. Existing scripts require bitcoind.

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Merchant, which underlies commercial Bitpay Node + Bitcore by Bitpay     ---
Prototype universal merchant script (RU) php + (RU)  
1DDuMEPaQzdH3vLTiQwQvACgnv7tR25SpE php + UC Bitcoin      
Commerce Bitcoin php + Commerce Bitcoin      
1MU97wyf7msCVdaapneW2dW1uXP7oEQsFA php + BTC for Virtuemart from GitHub    
1DcZfySDvUoNBzf2mwReVy3VL93WtwnALr php + BTC for eCommerce from GitHub      
By BtcGear   + Basic for Opencart from GitHub      
All cryptocurences in   + +++ from GitHub from GitHub    
18tJWvQvQbzTm6XgMgBvgrQMNBdc5MrULZ   + +++ from GitHub  
1GLXbvBtipcPkJ2UhMp4y3pY5i1kNYD9Bt   + +++ from GitHub      
1GLXbvBtipcPkJ2UhMp4y3pY5i1kNYD9Bt etc.   + +++ from GitHub      
Presta Shop:              
12NZncFaCSv5xE8GCVDFBMaCAoLDDmqhL4   + Btc for PS from GitHub    
1GLXbvBtipcPkJ2UhMp4y3pY5i1kNYD9Bt   + +++ from GitHub      
Merchant for "light" purse Mulibit   + Mulibit Merchant      

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